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Hot and fun franchise opportunities to look in 2023

Take a few moments and explore where the Hot Bar Franchise opportunity could lead. A path to becoming an established business leader is there for you to follow.

With dedication and a rising brand backing you, exploring hot franchise opportunities could be your next BIG move.

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Hot Franchise Opportunities

Over the past three-plus decades of consistent growth, Hotshots “sports bar franchises” have turned its brand into a national contender. But don’t be mistaken. The upstart enterprise will continue to keep its traditional family-owned, local appeal.

big franchise opportunities

It is this traditional family-owned but “hot” concept that has taken the brand to where it is now: a nationwide sports bar franchise opportunity investors can count on and confidently add to their investment portfolios. New franchise opportunities have to include all the games, all the food, and all the perks, Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill has had it all since its foundation. That is solid ground for any investor. 

The Time is Right for a HOT FRANCHISE Investment

Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill is proving to be a hot franchise to buy in 2023. With college and professional sports ramping up, true sports fans have months of pent-up “at home spectator” frustration to release.

What better way – or place – for ardent fans to cheer for their favorite teams than at your new, hot franchise in your neighborhood?

Founded in 1990 in St. Louis, MO, Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill was a dream fulfilled by the husband-and-wife team of Dan and Julie Volmert. Dan and Julie shared a vision of getting into the restaurant business. They took a big step together and created a cool concept where guests can enjoy good games, great food, and outstanding service. It didn’t take long for the original location to become a local institution in St. Louis, MO and beyond. Imagine your establishment becoming the area’s hot franchise in 2023.

Through the years, the company became a family affair. Dan and Julie’s oldest son, Matt, who started toiling in the kitchen when he was young, worked his way up, step by step, until being named CEO in 2017. Corporate continuity can help fuel the continued growth of Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill, considered by many to be a top franchise to buy.

Capitalizing on the energy of potential new owner-operators (like you!) the company remains focused on refining its creative concepts, keeping the establishment’s athletic atmosphere fresh and fun – for all ages.

Hotshots is the hottest franchise that Goes for the “2-Fer”

With Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill, potential new owner-operators don’t need to be concerned with investing in an old, tired restaurant concept. They should anticipate joining a team with an exciting, two-for-one gameplan, highlighted by a grill AND sports bar.

Here’s a closer look at this 2-for-1 package hot franchise opportunity:

1. Grill franchise Opportunities 

  • A relaxed dine-in environment created and designed to serve the big victories and small celebrations
  • A menu full of delicious options for visiting families and friends

2. Sports Bar franchise Opportunities

  • “The Place” for fans to meet and watch their favorite teams’ big games while staying open for overtime
  • “The Place” that serves a full roster of craft cocktails and ice-cold beer
  • “The Place” with special Happy Hour events and “Big Game Contests”

That place could be your place!

Full-Press Executive Support is a must when picking a hot franchise opportunity

When you decide to become part of Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill, you become a member of a team driven to coach you to win.

The Hottest franchises in 2023 are those that offer an exceptional support to every Franchise.  The support team needs to be positioned to help rookie owner-operators with winning game plans and long-term business models. Important aspects of opening your new establishment will be refined with established best practices, including marketing, operations, and workforce training.

When you begin game-planning for the perfect location for the new hot franchise, we’ll provide guidance as you conduct your search – and with the next steps in setting up a winning team.

Here are 5 processes that make up our support system:

1. Bar Construction

With members of our building project management teams on your sideline, new franchise operators are guided through every step of the construction process including bidding, entitlement, contractor hiring, and building progress through final inspections.

The perfect fit and feel can be offered with each new location. Plus we have experience developing single- and multi-unit operations with multiple designs and space options available.

2. supplies purchasing and Operations

Our team negotiates initial contracts with suppliers to ensure back-of-the-kitchen continuity. Also, major kitchen equipment can be secured from familiar sources at competitive pricing.

3. franchise Staff Training

With decades of experience, our operations teams work diligently to help you prepare your new associates with knowledge and experience, helping your staff grow into seasoned professionals.

4. franchise Operations and Best Practices

During your site’s Grand Opening procedures – and beyond – our team serves as “Business Coaches” to share best practices, cost containment strategies, and overall team member development. Everything pays off when it’s “game time” and you see your staff come together and perform like all-stars.

5. franchise Marketing

Enlightening marketing campaigns can boost your local presence. To get the Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill brand name out, customized advertising runs locally and regionally. Public relations and media buying initiatives are initiated by marketing managers and activated by trained teammates.

When it’s game time, we help give you the edge.

every hot franchise follows an Ownership Path

The path to owning this hot franchise opportunity is like taking a guided tour. Representatives from Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill’s corporate office will lend their proven support at each stage.

But you need to take the first step.

Follow this path to ownership:

  • Fill out our “hot franchise” information request form.
  • Complete the new franchise owner application.
  • Connect with a franchise director.

If it feels like we’d make a great team, applicants can expect to meet corporate leaders and learn what’s making Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill a hot franchise.

In the final steps, franchise financial documents will be reviewed, followed by an in-depth executive interview and, finally, signing day.

Then the fun – and work – really begins.

Ready to be an owner, and get an edge? Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill is a hot franchise to buy.

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