How can we help spread the word?

Hotshots understands the importance of pursuing every opportunity to increase sales. That’s why our marketing package is designed to increase revenues daily. Even more important, there is always a promotion going on at Hotshots, so we’re never the “same old bar”. To help ensure this goal, your Support Specialist will assist you in implementing all promotions. This includes photos of marketing examples, marketing highlights, etc. Our proven marketing techniques reach people of all ages and backgrounds. In fact, some of our promotions have even been featured on ESPN, FOX Sports, The LA Times, Sports Illustrated, and many more.

We have the knowledge and assets that a sports bar franchise needs to put your business front and center for relevant and potential customers. So you can show them all that Hotshots has to offer. We can help you from day one with social media, TV and radio campaigns, email marketing, text marketing, print campaigns, pro sports sponsorships, direct mail campaigns, ad networks, and a plethora of others. Hotshots does the work, so you don’t have to!

Good times at Hotshots

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