lOOKING FOR A PUB FRANCHISE? KNOW THE Benefits of Franchising with Hotshots Bar & GRILL.

  1. Hotshots has well-established operating procedures that minimize your learning curve and potential costly mistakes.

    Creating operating systems takes time and a lot of trial and error. We have already gone through this process. So you don’t have to. You will have access to our proven methods from the very first moment that you open your doors for business.

  2. You have access to an established and proven business and brand.

    This has a lower risk versus creating a concept/business model from scratch that, more than likely, will not be successful. In fact, franchises have a 94% success rate compared to 25%-35% rate for independent businesses according to the U.S Commerce Department.

  3. Quicker start-up to optimize pub franchise revenues.

    Our years of experience takes all the guesswork out of site selection, architectural design, and construction. This allows you to get started quicker, with fewer delays and mistakes in your bar, grill & pub franchise.

  4. We offer a comprehensive training program, built from our nearly three decades of experience. This will allow you to perform at an exceptional level the day you open for business.

    Independent business owners can take years to create a reliable training program for a new concept.

  5. Proven Marketing techniques the day you open for business.  

    We always say marketing is an investment in your business. But some marketing investments are better than others. With almost 30 years in business, we have tried all types of marketing. Many of which didn’t work while others were very successful. Our marketing techniques are all tested and proven prior to every being rolled out to franchisees. This eliminates the loss of time, money, and customers trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

  6. National collective buying power saves franchisees money every day. 

    Our network of locations continues to grow, and in response so do our relationships with vendors. As an independent business owner, you only have the buying power and leverage on a single location. Being a Hotshots Sports Bar and Grill franchisee you immediately start saving on purchases as a part of our team. We have connections in every facet of the business that will benefit you from day one.

  7. Ongoing professional support staff continues to assist you after you are opened.  

    Each support staff member has years of hands-on experience with Hotshots operations. Above all, we believe great support is key to a franchisees success! Our support team is your coach and there to help you with any aspect of the business. If a franchisee comes across a scenario that they are not familiar or confident in, they know we are just one call, text, or email away. Some examples of these scenarios are employees relations, vendor relations, cost control, marketing, and financial review.

  8. Reinventing the wheel can be very costly, let us handle it for you and show you the way.

Customer Service is the Name of the Game at Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill

Customer Service is something that many companies seem to have forgotten about in today’s society. Hotshots Sports Bar and Grill feels this is where our company can differentiate ourselves from others and stand above the rest. We know Customer Service is the easiest and MOST important part of a sports bar franchise. Great Customer Service only takes someone who cares and has the will to do the right thing.

Hotshots Customer Service policy is 30-2-10.

  • You are greeted at your table within 30 seconds of sitting down.
  • Your drink is at your table 2 minutes after ordering.
  • Your food is at your table within 10 minutes of ordering.

Of course, a smile and a good attitude come along with this. The 30-2-10 is something that is covered in training, during the day and in every pre-shift meeting. If you talk about it enough and implement it adequately, it becomes second nature and the culture of the business. Show your customers that you care about their experience and are working hard to provide them with a great time. It doesn’t go unnoticed and is a great way to build regular customers.



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