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Own a Bar Franchise with:

  • An Established Business Model and Brand.
  • Quick Start-up with Optimized Revenue from Years of Experience.
  • Unlock the Secret to Pub Franchise Customer Service.

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Why invest in a Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill Franchise

Ready for a winning franchise opportunity that will change your future?

Join the Hotshots Franchise Sports Bar and Grill team, a brand that’s hot in the restaurant industry.

When you think of a go-to destination for sports fans, what comes to mind? Food choices that hit a home run every time. A favorite lineup of beverages. Entertainment that gets you out of seat and ready for the next challenge.

That’s what Hotspots Sports Bar and Grill is known for across the U.S. It’s a winning combination that makes this interactive concept stand out in the restaurant arena.

Looking for Established Bar Franchises?

We have 14 Operating Sports bar franchise locations and the Experience to Back you Up

Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill Franchise is an interactive sports bar business opportunity featuring:

  • An extensive and tasty menu.
  • Full selection of bottled and draft beers.
  • Locations featuring pool tables, darts, video games, and televisions.

Get to offer the best in sports programming on high-definition televisions.
Our motto, “All the Games, All the Time” is something we stand by firmly. We offer our guests the chance to get out of their seats and enjoy interactive promotions, activities, games and fun beyond just watching the game.

A Whole New Sports bar Franchise to Enjoy

Acquire an all-in-one Package in the Bar Franchise Industry you are Going to Love

The Hotshots Bar and Grill franchises food menu has been perfected over the past 30 years and is quick to prepare and simply delicious.

Hot Franchise opportunities offer nightly specials and promotions to keep the atmosphere chilled as a fun franchise in an ever-evolving business, so our guests always have a great experience and return for more nights at their favorite sports bar business.

A Full-Circle Bar Franchise Opportunity

We want our customers to participate in pool, darts and other activities to give them a vast experience beyond “going to the bar”. We want people making bets, laughing and toasting while saying cheers! This is what makes us one of the best bar franchises in US.

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Score with a sports Bar and Grill Franchise That Works

Join a winning franchise team at Hotshots Sports & Grill

You can be part of a new era for the iconic restaurant niche when you own a Hotspots Sports Bar and Grill franchise. Our brand leads the way in delivering great food, great beer and great times to the great people in neighborhoods across the U.S.

Minimize your learning curve

Get open, get running, get ahead in building your business quickly with our playbook and franchise support team that takes the guesswork out of starting your own business.

Control your risk with an established business model

Avoid the mistakes that independents make by leveraging a hot franchise brand that's been tried and tested for decades.

Start performing from kickoff on day one

Take advantage of a support team trained to coach you through every aspect of operating your business.

Meet consumer demand for a fun, entertaining destination

Take advantage of market trends in the restaurant industry that point in the right direction for hot franchise opportunities.

Interactive sports bars broaden customer appeal and build a loyal fan base.

Forecasts on consumer spending at restaurants and others in the hospitality industry reflect a steady growth path.

The restaurant industry generates $900 billion in sales annually.

Invest in a Sport Bar franchise with plenty of Potential

We know an investment in a sports bar franchise is a big decision. That's why it's important to know all the numbers – from initial investment to potential returns.

Here's why Hotshots Sports Bar and Grill is an investment opportunity worth your attention.

Multiple day parts

On-the-go families, nearby neighbors and loyal fans choose Hotspot as their go-to destination for lunch and dinner in a fun-filled, sports-driven atmosphere.

Beverage lineup

Our bar is filled with local favorites, beers on tap and premium pours to satisfy every thirst.

Promotional merchandise

Branded apparel and gift cards add to your revenue-generating potential.

  • Total Investment: $654,000 - $1,471,000
  • Minimum Liquid Capital: $100,000
  • Median Gross Sales Average: $2,234,996

Open a Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill Franchise  in your Neighborhood

Bring great food, great beer and great times to the great people in a neighborhood near you.

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  • Current Franchise States
  • Future Franchise Expansion
  • Available Territories & Current Franchise Expansion
  • *Currently 10 St. Louis area locations
  • *Florida location coming soon

Ready to satisfy your community's craving for the fun and excitement that happens every day at a Hotshot Sports Bar and Grill?

We are expanding our brand into territories in the central and southern parts of the U.S.

Franchise Training and resources to help you achieve your Maximum Potential.

We believe an excellent franchise support system is key to your growth as a franchise owner. That's why we take a hands-on approach to guide you through every step of opening your own Hotshots Sports Bar and Grill franchise.

Here's how our training team helps you reach your highest potential and run a sports bar you will be proud to call your own.

Pre-opening guide

Work with an opening specialist who will guide you through initial steps from site selection and construction to opening day.

Franchise Site Selection

Take advantage of our real estate specialists who help you find the right location for your Hotshots Sports Bar and Grill.


Let a dedicated project manager handle the construction details while you focus on how to own and operate your business.

Initial Franchise Training

Get hands-on training in every aspect of operations from the back of the house to the front.

Ongoing Franchise Support

Tap into the expertise of our operations and marketing professionals who know what it takes to run the day-to-day operations of your pub franchise.

Franchise Marketing

Kick-start your business with a complete marketing plan that promotes your fun-filled, action-packed atmosphere through all of today's media platforms.

We're in this game with you. That means you get all the support you need to operate your business at its highest potential.


Hear what our Franchise Owners say about how we can help them reach their business potential.

"The key was when we first opened the doors that first day because we were not prepared for the amount of business we were going to do. If it hadn't been for the support from the corporate side being there to help us run the kitchen, run the line, serving, bar tending, every facet that first 30 days, I don't think we would have been successful."
Don Wilburn
"We really didn't know anything about the bar or restaurant business before we got in, so it was a must for us to have a concept in place. It's really a very easy process because they go through everything with you... and with as many proven concepts they have with different stores, it makes it easy on the Franchisee."
Matt Hotop

Meet our Team Lineup

Authenticity, originality and genuine interest in serving people propelled Dan and Julie Volmert into the restaurant business in 1990. They had a dream to bring great food, great beers and great times to the great people of St. Louis.

From the moment they opened their first Hotshots Bar and Grill, the fun party atmosphere took off and a winning combination was born. They tapped into a creative concept that makes Hotshots the go-to destination for sports fans of all ages.

Today, the Hotshots brand has become a leader in the sports bar business with a business model that is mimicked often but never rivaled. The second generation of Volmerts leads the team, with Dan and Julie's oldest son, Matt, calling the shots. Matt has recruited some of the industry's best to take the Hotshots franchise brand to the next level.

Join a fast-growing team that is charging forward to bring the Hotshots brand to more neighborhoods across the country.

What are the Steps to Owning a Sports Bar Franchise

Ready to get in the game? Here's how to find out if a Hotshots Sports Bar and Grill franchise is right for you.

Step 1 - Complete our franchise information request form

Let us know how you heard about our winning formula and how we can contact you.

Step 2 - Fill out an application

Help us get to know you and find out what drives the Hotshots brand.

Step 3 - Talk with our franchise director

Trust us to keep your information confidential as we review your qualifications.

Step 4 - Suit up for Discovery Day

See how we bring the Hotshots formula for success to the table and meet our franchise leadership team.

Step 5 - Review our franchise financial disclosure documents

Get familiar with the numbers and know what it takes to invest in a life-changing opportunity.

Step 6 - Complete a personal interview

Dig into the details about franchise ownership and what it takes to become part of our team.

Step 7 - Sign financial agreements

Become part of the Hotshots franchise team!

Thank you for your interest in owning a Hotshots Bar for Sale. We are looking forward to hearing about your interest in bringing the Hotshots brand to your neighborhood.


Questions? Our Franchise Support provides the answers.

Do I need restaurant operating experience?

No restaurant experience is required. In other words, our training program and continued support will provide you with the knowledge needed to run and operate a Hotshots Sports Bar and Grill successfully.

How much money can I make owning a Hotshots Franchise?

We provide some necessary financial operating information in our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). You will be provided with an FDD after receipt of a full application.

What is the total investment for a Hotshots?

Investments vary, depending on the size, location, market, and on other factors such as whether it’s a standing building or a strip center location. We estimate that your initial investment will be between $654,000 - $1,471,000. In cases of new construction of a free-building, the cost will be between $250,000 - $800,000, plus real estate and construction.

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