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Running a Franchise Bar and Grill

At Hotshots Sports Bar and Grill, we work every day to create a franchise bar and grill our customers love and want to visit again, while making sure our owners have what they need along the way. It’s helped make us one of the most exciting brands in the business, and is part of the …

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How to open a bar in texas

How to Open a Bar in Texas: A Step-by-Step Guide to Franchising

Texas has long been a spot for fun-lovers, and the state prides itself on its entrepreneurial spirit and drive. That combination can make knowing how to open a bar in Texas a prudent move for someone looking to become part of an exciting and fast-moving business. Opening a bar in Texas When it comes to …

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Best New Bar Franchises

Why Hotshots is One of the Nation’s Best New Bar Franchises

There’s something special about a well-designed, destination sports bar. It’s a blend of quality, a service-oriented approach, craveable food and drink, and an entertainment-focused customer experience. This has helped Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill grow into one of the best new bar franchises around today. Best New Franchises 2023: Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill Here’s …

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Best Florida Franchises to Own

4 Key Qualities of the Best Florida Franchises to Own

Florida is a place for economic opportunity and can be the right spot to grow a brand. And many of the best franchises to own in Florida share similar qualities that help them develop their business and expand their customer base. Before signing on with a bar for sale in Miami or another Florida hotspot, …

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How to Run a Bar

How to Run a Bar 101

At Hotshots, every day is a chance to connect with our customers, elevate the industry, and create the kinds of good times and great memories we’re famous for. We know how to run a bar with a guiding hand and an eye for what our guests want. What’s our secret? Having the skills and know-how …

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Bar Business Plan

Building a Bar Business Plan: The Hotshots Way

When a potential owner starts looking at sports bar franchises that interest them, it’s important for them to look at the overall bar business plan. Every franchise has its own approach, and understanding each one’s way of working can help future owners make a better informed decision. How Do You Structure a Bar Business? It …

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How Much Does It Cost to Open a Bar? And Other Essential Questions

The U.S. is a country that loves its entertainment, and that can make owning a bar franchise a smart option for many people looking to move to the next level in their lives and careers. But how much does it cost to open a sports bar, and what should a potential owner expect as they …

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Best Food and Drinks Franchise in USA

Why a Hotshots Food and Drinks Franchise Can Be a Smart Investment

In this move-ahead, business-first world, opening a food and drinks franchise with Hotshots Sports Bar and Grill can help a new owner move into a new phase in their life and career. It can be a smart choice for people looking to become their own boss, and lets service-oriented folks find a niche that’s tailored …

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Invest in a restaurant bar franchise

Looking for a Restaurant Franchise For Sale: Why not open your own?

Owning a great sports bar is one of the great American dreams, and it’s a goal for many people. The notion of finding a restaurant franchise for sale, becoming an owner, and getting established as a community leader can be an appealing prospect that energizes and drives people forward. Making the move from inquiry to …

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bars for sale in Houston

What to Look For in a Bar For Sale in Houston

The idea of seeing a bar for sale in Houston,TX., taking the leap, and becoming an owner can be an appealing thought for some people. Who wouldn’t like to be their own boss and create a special place for people to relax, unwind, and enjoy the game, surrounded by good friends and great food? Owning …

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