Bar trends in franchising industry

The Top Bar Trends in Franchising

If you’ve been following bar trends in franchising, you’ve likely noticed some common features that have become standards in the business over the past decade.

Today’s bar industry is a dynamic and changing business, and potential owners should have a full understanding of the landscape and what they should do to stay ahead of the latest developments.

We’re here to help you get the crucial facts and to learn all about the top bar trends in franchising today.

Modernization and Systems Management Can Be Key to Growth in the Franchise Industry

It’s not just bar trends in franchising that have seen a significant change in recent years. The commercial sector in general has been undergoing a complete overhaul to keep up with the pace of innovation.

The modern world moves ahead at a seemingly quicker rate every day, and franchise industry trends reflect that same drive to improve and evolve.

Cutting-Edge Solutions and Streamlined Franchise Processes

A look at the sports bar industry in particular can show those bar trends in franchising in action.

Breakthroughs in point-of-sales systems and cloud-based staff-administration models can add flexibility and control to the owner’s franchise process toolkit, and help keep operations moving along smoothly.

The modern bar moves with the times, and stays in touch with the current trends in financing. It’s aided the industry’s growth over the decades, and guides it into the future.

Make the Customer Your Ally

Today’s customer is, in many ways, a very different guest than one from generations past. Bar trends in franchising have shifted to meet this new kind of clientele, and brands are ramping up customer care options as a result.

It’s no longer a local concern, either. Bar and restaurant franchises have discovered how powerful effective guest-service tools can be, and are deploying them with greater accuracy and efficiency every day.

Rewards Programs and Much More

Having a solid and well-considered rewards program can be a great start to attracting and retaining a loyal pool of customers. It’s why more and more brands are moving to dedicated apps for order fulfillment and guest care.

Make it easy for guests with online options to help improve their experience — online table reservations and contactless payment services demonstrate to them that the franchise understands the modern customer’s experience and is working to improve it every day.

Keep the Bar Menu Options Mobile

For many sports-bar guests, every day is filled with obligations and full schedules. Finding time to relax and enjoy a great meal with friends can be a challenge for them, and they need all the help they can get to stay on the move and still eat well.

That creates a pressure to develop more and better options for mobile ordering, and has influenced bar trends in franchising for years.

Take-Away Service and Third-Party Delivery

The rise of third-party delivery services has provided sports-bar franchise owners with an avenue to improve customer care, and develop additional potential revenue streams at the same time. It can allow more customers to connect with the brand’s menu, and establish the business as a go-to for mobile orders.

There will likely always be a ready customer base for in-person dining. Developing a similar pool of guests for mobile and take-away service can help position a brand for industry leadership.

Prioritize Staff Knowledge and Franchise Experience

Through the years, one of the more significant shifts in bar trends in franchising has been in the expectations customers have for the staff. Guests want the people that serve them their food and drinks to be informed and knowledgeable, and to have ready answers for any issues that might arise.

It’s part of the modern approach to business — give staff the education and background they need, and make them partners with their customers to create a sense of shared experience and togetherness

A Well-Trained Staff Can Be Customer Advocates and Brand Ambassadors

Start with a robust and ongoing training policy, to help get every staff member aligned with the brand’s way of operating. Keep up the training after the initial hiring phase, as well.

Aim to create subject-matter experts from the ground up. Give waitstaff a thorough education in the dishes they serve, and make sure bar staff have both a solid understanding of the stories behind drinks they prepare and the skill to prepare them well.

Help Set the Top Bar Trends in Franchising with Hotshots Sports Bar and Grill

Becoming a trendsetter in the bar business helps a brand set the pace for the entire industry. It’s how Hotshots Sports Bar Franchise has established ourselves as a category leader and disruptor.

We’ve developed a franchise that stays on top of the latest changes in the business through a constant drive to innovate and a belief in building better customer care through innovation and staff development.

We combine that with a menu of top-quality, craveable grill food our guests return for daily. It’s aided our growth as a mobile dining option, and as an overall brand.

Hotshots Sports Bar and Grill is preparing to expand our business into new territories, and we’re looking for future owners to come with us, and discover how much a bar franchise costs.

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