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How to Run a Successful Bar and Grill

You work every day to create a franchise bar and grill customers love and want to visit again while making sure customers have what they need along the way. How do you do it?

Here’s what goes into a typical day at a franchise bar and grill, and just a few of the approaches every bar owner should take to lead in a thriving industry.

What’s the secret? Having the skills to how to open a bar and then run a successful bar and grill comes from years of experience, in developing a plan that covers the essentials of the sports bar business.

The best bars in the industry work from the basics, and that’s an approach that keeps them moving ahead and leading the industry:

  • Focus on fun
  • Serve up customer favorites
  • Make service the top priority
  • Streamline operations for efficiency

These are the foundations, they could be basic but are fundamental to how to run a bar. Let’s explore them in detail.

It’s All About the Fun When Running a Bar

Customer satisfaction is an essential element in the franchise bar and grill industry. Word of mouth, and guest loyalty, are both factors that should be nurtured as much as possible, to help guide brand development and customer retention.

Ensuring Happy Customers at the Franchise Sports Bar and Grill

A franchise bar and grill or any regular bar needs to offer unforgettable meals, along with impeccable customer experience and care, to help them build customer loyalty and give their brand drive and direction. That approach can get guests in the door and put them in the right mood for good times.

And good times are one of the main goals of the modern sports bar! Top players recognize that customers want to get entertainment options in line with the quality of the food and service, and that’s what you should set up to provide to them.

Place Your Aim on Quality, Balance & Coverage

Your restaurant can be dedicated to fun, starting with the big-screen TVs. Mount them on every available wall surface, conserving the aesthetics of the place and keeping a balance.

For many customers, fun is the main goal when they go out. Time spent with friends, enjoying mouth-watering meals and drinks that hit the spot, and not being able to watch the big game together can be a game changer to whether they’re coming back or not.

We want every guest to have the best seat in the house for EVERY big game, and make sure each one has a TV within eye’s reach at all times. Sports are the stars of the show at any sports bar, thrive to make sure guests do not miss a minute of the action.

Don’t stop at spectator sports, either. Many customers can take an active role in their entertainment with pool tables, darts, golden tee, and plenty more hands-on diversions.

Fun is your business. How do you excel at it? Establish an environment in your restaurant that can deliver on the promise, help build customer memories that stay with them until their next visit, and make them return to recapture those amazing times.

How to run a successful bar

Regular Maintenance is Key

You’re entering a bar eager to challenge friends on your favorite games to immediately encounter that the table is tilted, darts are missing parts or the ping pong racket is missing its rubber, frustrating right?

The amount of use and rotation a regular bar or bar franchise has makes regular maintenance paramount to the long-term success of the business. So have those contacts of trust paying regular visits to moisture, adjust, and take care of your games of choice.

Serve Up Customer Favorites

What do modern customers look for when they take a trip to their local franchise bar and grill? Many of them are searching for nothing more than great food, served fresh and tasty.

That might sound simple, but it’s anything but. It takes a robust and adaptable supply network, and a kitchen with the vision to design a menu dedicated to quality, flavor, and the kinds of meals that stick in the memory and bring customers back for more.

That’s what you as a bar or franchise owner should set out to create at a Bar and Grill, day in and day out. How?

Build a Menu of Craveable Classics

In many areas of commerce, quality and selection are key restaurant growth drivers. Applying that lesson to the sports bar industry can be an essential part of understanding how to run a bar.

A bar franchise and bar menu can aid an owner in developing customer loyalty and creating the kind of reputation for excellence that modern brands can build upon.

Best Bar Food Ideas

Top players recognize the importance of menu quality and selection and are devoted to crafting a killer lineup of guest favorites.

  • Amazing Burgers
  • Spectacular Pizzas
  • Crispy Potato Skins
  • Handmade Sandwiches
  • Flavorful Tacos
  • Mozzarella Sticks
  • Quesadillas

Additionally, aim to have the best bar appetizers

  • Chips with House-made Salsa or Guacamole: These are simple yet profitable items that encourage drink sales​​.
  • Soft Pretzels: They are a comforting snack that can be served with mustards or cheese sauce​​.
  • Jalapeno Poppers: Offer a spicy kick and are a favorite for those who enjoy a bit of heat​​.
  • Fried Pickles: A unique and tangy option that has gained popularity in many bars​​.

These are just a few of the crowd-pleasing classics you should aim to have on your menu.

These should be made to order from scratch and built to satisfy, from the first bite to the last.

Also, have some space for sides of all tastes, appetizers guests have made their go-tos, and wings with attitude. All are served alongside beverages that complement and enhance the meal.

Everything you prepare should be made with care and a dedication to quality. It’s all part of the every day at any bar or franchise, no matter the volume of requests, aim to preserve quality above all.

All this has helped establish the most reputable bars and franchises across the globe, and you can do the same, run a bar with energy and drive.

Make Service the Top Priority

The modern bar and grill business are ones that emphasizes service at all times. Mastering how to run a bar should include a belief in the power of superior service to impact brand development, no matter the situation.

Customers expect to receive personal attention when they visit a bar. Prompt and considerate care can lead to increased guest satisfaction, and potentially create new regulars out of first-time visitors.

Understanding the importance of customer care helps design service policies to give every guest who visits a bar & grill a world-class experience, every time.

Every customer who walks into a franchise or regular sports bar and grill should get five-star treatment. Want them to know that they’re considered the center of business, and that starts the second they step inside your bar or franchise bar.

How Hotshots Does It?

Hotshots Bar & Grill franchise has developed a 30-2-10 customer service policy to help us do just that.

When a guest visits us, we make sure they’re greeted at their table no more than thirty seconds after being seated, have their drinks within two minutes of ordering them, and have their meal in front of them within ten minutes of placing their food order.

This is a customer-first way of doing business. Every bar owner or franchise bar and grill should aim to put the focus where it belongs, and work to provide guests with an experience they’ll remember and want to come back to live again and again.

Streamline Operations for Efficiency

Knowing how to run a bar means more than serving customers and following trends, though. It also demands a head for business, costs and an understanding of what it takes to keep a brand moving forward.

Franchises work from a business model designed for streamlining and make efficiency a top priority.

Deliver Superior Owner Support

The daily experience running a franchise bar and grill is one focused on the people we serve, and the great food and good times we provide to them. It’s a way of operating that keeps our franchise owners on the front lines creating lasting guest memories, and we’re there to support them.

Owner support can be the foundation that underlies the entire business. Having solid franchise support behind them while the franchise process means owners know they’re never alone, and that they’ve got a team of experts standing by to lend a hand.

Hotshots Sports Bar and Grill makes support one of the key pillars of our brand. From day one, we’ve got our owners’ backs, and dedicate ourselves to giving them our experience and assistance.

New owners with Hotshots get aid from our team with location selection, buildout, and equipment. And our six-week training program helps every owner, and their management team, learn how to operate the Hotshots way and every facet of our business.

We keep up the support after the Grand Opening as well — we make spot visits to make sure things are running smoothly, and provide updated and ongoing training when needed to keep our owners and staff on top of the latest industry developments.

Own a Hotshots Franchise Bar and Grill

Today’s bar and grill brands need to work for their guests every day. Superior customer service, a menu of classic foods, a dedication to fun, and robust owner support should all be part of the franchise model to give the business the tools for the future.

It’s a modern approach to the industry, and it’s why Hotshots Sports Bar and Grill is ready for tomorrow.

We’ve built a franchise that keeps the attention on our guests, and we deliver the kind of support our owners expect and deserve. That’s helped us grow into a brand to watch.

Hotshots is preparing to expand into new territories, and we’d love to connect with future owners along the way.
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