Looking at pubs or bars for sale? Consider buying a sports bar franchise instead!

Why is buying a bar franchise better than starting from scratch? If you’re new to the hospitality industry, there could be some important, and sometimes complex, things to learn:

9 key aspects to consider when buying a sports bar for sale

  • Building out or refurbishing an efficient and attractive physical space
  • Establishing your initial food and beverage inventory
  • Tracking your consumables
  • Installing and mastering a computerized POS and cash management system
  • Hiring, training, and managing your service and food preparation staff
  • Observing current best practices to minimize employee turnover
  • Mastering state and local health and safety regulations and requirements
  • Researching and contracting with technical service providers
  • Marketing and promoting your restaurant

You could try to learn all these details from friends who own businesses in your community, or turn to the internet with its “how to” videos on virtually every aspect of running a business.

But why do it the hard way?

You don’t have to start your business from the ground up. When you invest in a well-known and established sports bar franchise business like Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill, there’s no need to figure it all out on your own. When you buy a franchise sports bar for sale, most of the work is done for you, and you have access to tools to help you start strong – and avoid false starts, bad choices, and costly mistakes. 

A sports bar franchisor can provide you with a comprehensive training and support package that covers many aspects of running and promoting your own hospitality business.

  • In-depth onsite training to help you master the skills of a new business owner-operator
  • Marketing, advertising, and PR materials to help you grow sales and awareness of your new business
  • Comprehensive training programs for your service, prep, and floor management staff
  • Ongoing administrative support for technical troubleshooting, regulatory compliance issues, HR, and personnel issues
  • Assistance in evaluating any bars for sale you might be looking at as the site for your new business

There’s another important benefit of franchise relationships, and that’s guidance on your site selection.

Location, Location, Location

There are many factors that ultimately determine the growth potential of any retail or consumer-facing business, and location is one of the most critical ones. Especially when considering building a customer base for a bar for sale!

So, where would you like to open your new sports bar franchise? Consider these five important questions regarding location that a bar franchise company can help you answer with their specific expertise and experience.

5 things to consider when looking for pubs for sale or pub franchise locations

  1. How easy is it for customers to reach your potential bar site? Can people get to the location easily? Does foot traffic have an impact, or only vehicle traffic? Can drivers quickly find a convenient place to park once they get there?
  2. Is there sufficient population density in the targeted neighborhood to support a bar franchise? If you’re looking at a sports bar for sale in a neighborhood with which you’re familiar, you should already have a pretty good idea about traffic at area businesses, and how many potential customers could support a bar.
    Consider the time of day, too. Is the area busy at lunchtime and not in the evenings, or the other way around? If you offer lunch service, daytime traffic will also be important.
  3. How many competitors operate in the area? Lots of competition isn’t necessarily a bad thing: Bar and grill patrons often like to try new things, new menus, and new experiences. And since they’re already in the neighborhood at one restaurant, they have the potential to become prime targets for “conquest” sales for your establishment, which could become their new favorite spot.
  4. What other large-scale attractions are in the bar region you’re considering—does it support theatres, stadiums, arenas, multiplex movie houses, beaches, and so on? These kinds of attractions, especially those with a seasonal clientele, could bring in potential restaurant patrons who might not otherwise frequent the neighborhood.
  5. What other factors might impact the future viability of the site you’re considering? Does the area have projected new street or highway construction, new residential and commercial initiatives, or possible changes in land use and zoning requirements?

Reach Out to Community Leaders

A terrific resource is the local chamber of commerce or business development. They will have a good background on a variety of business- and industry-related topics that can help you consider (and eliminate) site locations for your new bar. You can also start to build relationships and position yourself as a business leader, committed to the community and its growth.

Do Your Due Diligence

Local commerce professionals are just the start when learning how to open a sports bar. Any time you find an interesting opportunity for a bar for sale, it’s important to do thorough research on the franchisor as well.

What makes your area a desirable one for a franchisor to consider expanding there? There are numerous reasons a franchisor identifies various regions or cities for growth. For instance, an establishment like Hotshots Sports Bar and Grill will be right at home in communities with plenty of enthusiastic, loyal fans. No matter the sport or league – collegiate, semi-pro, pro, international – fans want to gather in an upbeat environment dedicated to celebrating the thrill of victory, and somewhere they can commiserate together through the agony of defeat.

And while big screen TVs are great (and lots of them!), some bars for sale have more to offer patrons. You can find billiards, darts, even video games at Hotshots Sports Bar and Grill locations. That means patrons can be part of the games too, even when their team isn’t on the field (or ice, or court, or track, or pitch).

If you’re ready to invest in a bar for sale, consider Hotshots

Teaming up with the right franchisor can help you get your business past the start line. You’ll have access to their support as you evaluate locations in your community. And that support doesn’t stop there. Hotshots Sports Bar and Grill franchise investors have training and assistance that starts the day your agreement starts and continues through your franchise relationship.

Interested in learning more? Download our ebook, or connect with the Hotshots franchise team today.

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