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What to Look For in a Bar For Sale in Houston

The idea of seeing a bar for sale in Houston,TX., taking the leap, and becoming an owner can be an appealing thought for some people. Who wouldn’t like to be their own boss and create a special place for people to relax, unwind, and enjoy the game, surrounded by good friends and great food?

Owning a sports bar can take more than a desire for change, though. It requires careful consideration and a knowledge and understanding of the bar and restaurant industry at large. 

And it’s an experience that can make more sense when partnered with a growing franchise like Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill

Becoming an owner with a franchise on the grow can help take a potentially challenging and confusing experience and make it a systematic, step-by-step process that begins with bar franchise opportunities in Houston and concludes with a new owner getting ready to open their doors and start serving up memories.

Here’s how to get started, and how working with a brand like Hotshots can make a difference.

Look at the Industry

Owning a bar for sale in Houston, Texas can be a pretty common occurrence; it’s a big city, and it makes sense for there to be some potential sales out there at any time. But what’s the first thing to do when encountering a bar looking for new ownership?


Before speaking with the seller or finding anything out about the brand, take the time to get to know the overall business. An industry overview is an essential part of the journey toward bar ownership, and should always be the initial action by the prospective owner.

Learn as much as possible before moving forward. How is the industry expected to perform in the future? This is a crucial question that can guide future decisions.

A sports bar and grill for sale in Houston is part of the sports bar industry, itself a subset of the larger bar and nightclub industry. It’s a field that’s been growing for years, and the next few years are expected to see that growth continue

That could make a bar for sale in Houston a smart option for people interested in getting into the business.

Get to Know the Brands

After establishing that the sports bar industry is projected to expand in the coming years, potential owners can start looking at the specifics on offer among the Houston bars for sale. This is often the first point at which joining a growing franchise brand like Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill can start making sense.

Examine the brands closely, and review all their public documentation thoroughly. Becoming a business owner can be a significant landmark in a person’s life, and that kind of momentous event should be taken seriously and with attention to the crucial details that can impact ownership.

Franchises like Hotshots have to make their franchise structure, revenue projections, and other key information, part of their public information. It can give future owners an idea of what to expect in the future, and help them move forward with confidence.

It’s a way brands like Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill support their owners, and it can make looking into a bar for sale in Houston, Texas the beginning of a lifetime relationship.

Meet with Brand Leadership

A Houston bar for sale can be the trigger for a new owner starting the process of learning about the industry, and doing a deep dive into the bar’s business plans and potential. Potential franchise owners get to move on to an additional step at this point, and should plan to connect with the people behind the brand.

Many bar franchises have a Discovery Day in one form or another. During this meetup with senior leadership, prospective owners have one-on-one sessions with senior staff, and all sides get to know each other better.

For example, at Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill, every future owner meets with our CEO, Matt Volmert, and our franchise director, Christopher Avolio. We sit down and get to know as much as possible about how we might mesh and lay out the obligations and expectations on all sides.

It’s a sort of audition for all parties and can help everyone feel comfortable proceeding to the next step.

Get Ready to Open Your Doors!

The road from spotting a bar for sale in Houston to committing to becoming an owner often involves careful thought and doing due diligence on the history and potential of the industry and brand. 

Now, it’s finally time to have some fun.

After finding out about the industry and brand, and determining that the brand’s leadership could be a good fit, owners can begin to plan out their new business. This is the moment to start looking into buildout concerns, marketing, training, and opening for business.

A franchise like Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill can lend a hand to help owners deal with these startup concerns. We view our franchise owners as part of our family, and that’s how we treat them.

We’re ready to assist with training, décor, social media presence, and much more. Not only that, but we use a systemized, pre-opening guide to help eliminate concerns and remove the guesswork from our process. And we’re there to stand behind you when you open your doors for business.

Find Out How to Open a Bar for Sale in Houston, the Hotshots Way

Becoming a bar owner can be an exciting experience and can be the next step in personal and career development. Connecting with a bar like Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill can be a smart move to help guide potential owners through the undertaking.

At Hotshots Bar & Grill, we’ve got a formula for franchising, and we use it to aid our owners in getting their new bar up and serving customers as soon as possible. We’re a brand ready to grow, and we’re looking for potential owners to come with us.

Want to learn more? Contact us today, and start your own journey!

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